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Detachable Straps Butt Lifting Tummy Control Shapewear

Detachable Straps Butt Lifting Tummy Control Shapewear


This new high-waist shaper short will be your favourite!

Specially designed to support your waist and boost your feminine body curves, for a great peach butt. Featured with a row closure of zipper, it will smooth your little belly and back unevenness. Which makes it great for post-partum recovery too! This great piece of high waist shapewear short butt lifter is going to be your partner for various occasions

Why you'll like it

  • Provides midsection and back support
  • Lifts your butt and gives you a great peach effect
  • Improves your posture
  • Seamless underclothing
  • Light and suitable for all seasons
  • The shoulder strap can be removed
  • A rubber bone on the side of the waist prevents curling

Our tummy control shaper short is made of light and smooth fabrics, making it seamless underclothing and giving more confidence for all your special events!


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