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Latex Fit Workout Waist Trainer

Latex Fit Workout Waist Trainer

Colour: Black

This Latex Double Belt Waist Trainer will help you maximise your workout and look great at the same time. When you're working out, simply slip on the shaper, pull the sides together for a firm fit and go. No hook-and-eye closures, no hassle. And since the Velcro sides are adjustable, the waist trimming belt offers a perfect fit every time

  • A firm latex design stimulates thermal activity in your midsection, making it great for exercise, sports, walks, runs, and at-home physical activity.
  • The extra heat makes you sweat harder with less effort, so you can feel your exercise working.
  • The latex compression makes your waistline look up to three sizes smaller, whether you wear it underneath your clothes or on display at the gym.
  • This Waist trainer will take inches off your waist and will flatten your stomach. Your back also benefits from the added support, making you stand taller, look more confident and correct your posture.
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